Career Stuff

Michael is a graphic designer located near Los Angeles, California, who has developed everything from entertainment posters, CD cover/insert art, corporate logos and identity systems, and packaging designs.  He earned his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Univeristy of Arizona and then later completed the Design Communication Arts program at UCLA Extension.  Today, he continues to analyze how visual design, when paired with typography, can communicate strong brand identity and integrity for any business or marketing strategy.

Before jumping over to graphic design, he worked in the music industry for nearly fifeteen (15) years.  As a music publisher, he focused on building and maintaining strong client relationships, sought to be a fair and just negotiator, interpreted and drafted various types of agreements and licenses, and pursued and collected due or unpaid royalties. Michael's unwavering work ethics has allowed him to work with some of the most elite artists, such as Billy Joel, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Def Leppard, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Cake, Beach Boys, Will Smith, Hall & Oates, Herbie Hancock and many, many more.

Please contact me if you're looking to make a visual impact.


Now that the formalities are done, let me break into first person character and tell you more about myself and the things that I love to do outside of work.  I'm a guitarist, and have been since I was child.  There's nothing better than bringin' out the electric guitar, turning on and hearing the hum of the tubes in the amp, and then striking a power chord. It gets me amped up and the creative juices flowing everytime. Check out some of my music by clicking "hear".  Perhaps one day, I'll find myself in a "weekend only" band kicking around cover tunes.

My remaining time is spent with my family.  Current household trends are (1) listening to my kids action packed storylines as they launch Hot Wheels cars off steep ramps; and (2) trying to understand their daily adventures in Minecraft (what?  A 6yr old can visualize and control spacial environments by creating villages, secret passages and using vortex's...what?). Crazy fun!  

I also enjoy playing and watching sports, photography, composing music using Propellerhead Reason software, and keeping current with the political, social and entertainment trends.